Who is Our Haven Foundation?

About Our Haven Foundation (OHF)

What began as a grassroots campaign in the Spring of 2010 to attract a group of community volunteers with diverse experiences and backgrounds – who shared a commitment to sustaining and stimulating the growth and vitality of Schuylkill Haven’s Central Business District (CBD) – has evolved into a more structured, purpose-driven organization that functions under the banner of Our Haven Foundation (OHF). While long-recognized as a clean/safe community, OHF has been instrumental in defining how we can improve the CBD – building on its uniqueness by enhancing its charm and bringing merchants, shoppers, residents, and visitors back into the Downtown.

Our Haven Foundation’s Mission Statement

“Dedicated to revitalizing Downtown Schuylkill Haven through strong partnerships and community activism”.

Honoring the spirit and letter of OHF’s Mission Statement – requires fostering mutually beneficial relationships in support of Downtown revitalization – between and among residents, property owners, local government, and retail/service businesses

Our Haven Foundation’s Vision Statement

OHF remains committed to recognizing the essential tenets of its Board of Directors-approved Vision Statement:

“Our vision for Downtown Schuylkill Haven is a place where families, friends, and visitors will want to spend their time. A thriving business district will offer a variety of unique shops, restaurants, services, special events, and ample parking in a safe and inviting atmosphere. Historic architecture, tree-lined streets, comfortable benches, bright flowers, and festive seasonal decorations will provide an enjoyable Downtown setting.”

Arts, entertainment, education, and recreation will significantly benefit the residents of the Schuylkill Haven Borough and provide visitors with memorable experiences such as Borough Day and the Island Park Festival.

Our Haven Foundation:  Historical Summary/Community Contributions

Our Haven Foundation (OHF) is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in 2020. OHF continues to honor its legacy of service – funded by grants and a series of very successful Craft Brew Fests (CBF’s). To date, CBF’s alone have raised over $35,000 that has been invested and/or earmarked for Downtown and Borough-wide revitalization.

OHF’s major activities/accomplishments/improvements during its 10 year history:

  • Purchase of recyclable waste receptacles and park benches at various downtown locations.
  • A new parking sign plus landscaping at the Main Street entrance of the municipal parking lot.
  • Installation of “Hometown Heroes” (to honor those from Haven who served in the military) Plus “Welcome to Schuylkill Haven” banners along Main/Columbia/St. John/Bern Street and Bubeck Park.
  • Launching and maintenance of a Downtown Beautification initiative featuring flowerpots placed along both sides of Main Street in the Central Business District – with a planned/scheduled rotation of seasonal decorations (for Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring).
  • Successfully planned for and implemented a Schuylkill River Green Association approved/funded  “Historical Marker” project under the leadership of OHF, Borough Management, and community    historian Richard Nagle.
  • Provided financial and/or marketing-related support for 3 mural projects – two in downtown Schuylkill Haven and one at Bubeck Park.
  • In 2019, OHF sponsored a full funded, professionally prepared completion of a “Welcome To Schuylkill Haven” video. The 6-minute presentation was posted to social media.

Planned Project

For 2020-2021, OHF has approved a comprehensive marketing plan to showcase the community’s Planet Walk, install informational markers to identify the Planet Walk’s works of art as well as the murals in town, In addition, OHF will be creating a MAP and content for the historical markers, planet  walk, murals, businesses and other points of interest.