A new 80-foot mural wall has recently been constructed on the Railroad Street retaining wall of the Schuylkill Haven Municipal Parking Lot just west of RBM&N train station and spanning between Main and Union streets.

Funded by the Zwerling Trust Fund and by the Our Haven Foundation (OHF), the murals trace the evolution of the people, places, and events that have contributed importantly to Schuylkill Haven's history. The 10 mural panels that constitute Phase 1 of the project are dedicated to the community's notable assets/landmarks - as well as the many organizations that have invested untold hours of time - making our Borough an ideal location to live, work and visit. 

Two of the panels are referred to as "interactive" wherein the visitor is encouraged to post for a photograph or for fellow onlookers in a manner seemingly to become part of the mural. 

Your first stop in this thematic series of murals depicts a fluffy dandelion blossom ready to spread its seeds on the breeze of discovery. For generations, children have picked these puff-balls, made a wish, and blown the seeds to uncharted places. A yellow star in front of this interactive mural indicates your position to do just that. 

Wayward seeds then "land" on succeeding mural panels - History Is a Journey, Island Park and the annual Borough Day celebration. Bubeck Park is the second interactive panel, having a yellow star encouraging the visitor to bend down to "feed" tone of the park's iconic swans. 

Additional brightly colored panels document other "discover" destination and annual events - the Walk In Art Center, annual Halloween Parade, the Downtown Business District and the Greater Schuylkill Haven Area Business Association (GSHABA), and the annual Tree Lighting on Parkway. 

The mural Project has significantly enhanced the overall "look" of the Central Business District. 

Carrie Kingsburg of Birdsboro PA's Promiseland Mural provided the extraordinary art work. Schuylkill Haven's Les Aungst Signs created the mural-board framework as well as capping and adding the finishing "touches" to the project and preserve the panels. 

A descriptive "rack card" has been designed and distributed throughout Schuylkill Haven. This rack card gives location and information all the other murals that are located in Schuylkill Haven. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday, November 13, 2020 - Thank you to Lewis General Store and the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce for organizing.