For about the past 17 years the Cicadas have emerging underground until the perfect temperature for them to arise. This year of 2021 we can expect billions of cicadas to swarm the country. Since many of these creatures will be looking for new mates we can expect to hear lots of loud cicadas noises. The noise is unique to cicadas as it sounds like tiny high pitch drum sounds. It is located just under their wings in an organ called tymbal. This is through vibrating his membrane which resonates like a drum because of how hollow they are. Only Male Cicadas can make the noise because they want to get in with the ladies. Talk about a buzzy night.

Cicadas are attractive to pools and hot tubs since they are very shinny, and they will want to land there. Once the hit the water they will not be able to leave and will die. Many animals and insects will feast on these cicadas as well. Since there are expecting to be millions of them, there is enough to go around for everyone. This will change the diets of many species such as birds and ants. Which will be interesting to see how other insects will respond to them.