Do you have pain or had a previous surgery and need physical therapy? Good news! In Schuylkill Haven there is a physical therapy that ranks well with real patients complimenting their office! Many athletes went to this physical therapy office after they had sustained an injury during their season. Many other patients make appointments for general concerns they have and especially if there are arthritis concerns. The Faust Physical Therapy Center is located on 326 Route 61 S, Schuylkill Haven. To make an appointment for any concern or to ask questions I would recommend calling the office at (570) 385-5080.

This center is known for their hands-on treatment that gets every patient back to 100% for any age individual. They have conditioning treatments and appointments more specifically for athletes when they compete in high competition. There are many machines and exercises to help improve and maintain their athletic performance during offseason or during the season. Another type of exercise that is a specialty in their center is “manual exercise”. This type of exercise is when a therapist manually moves the body part for the patient because the individual struggles or is unable to move that part of their body. Providing the utmost treatment for each and every individual is their number one goal each day. 

If this physical therapy center is of interest to you, I would highly recommend you to browse their website: Don’t let your pain or discomfort affect your daily activities, schedule an appointment today!