As spring and summer come around there are various ways to spruce up your curb appeal. This article will contain multiple tips to help get your house ready for the summer season. Following these five simple tips and steps will allow anyone to have beautiful curb appeal.

  1. Pull weeds or spray weeds
  2. Pull old or dead plants/flowers
  3. Mulch around the house and around plants
  4. Place new plants and flowers in new or old areas in the ground
  5. Purchase hanging flowers or basket flowers for around the house

The first step is important because you want to remove the weeds before placing flowers and mulch. Spraying the weeds can help eliminate them from coming back and stop them from growing. If you choose to spray the weeds, about a day after you will want to pull the weeds and then proceed to step two. Over the winter season, some plants or flowers will die and won’t be capable of regrowing for the summer season. Removing these plants and flowers will be the start to making your house have flawless curb appeal. There are many areas in Schuylkill County and surrounding areas to purchase plants and flowers. It is important to be mindful when purchasing plants on how big the plants will grow so you want to make sure the designated area is big enough for the plant. Also, it is important to note that some flowers and plants need full/partial sun or shade only plants. Putting the correct plants and flowers in the correct areas will allow for them to blossom throughout the summer season. I would additionally recommend that if there is room around your house to add hanging or basket flowers you should because they add a pop of color and compliment your house. The most important thing to remember in the summer season is to water your plants and flowers. These steps and tips will give you the curb appeal that you desire for your summer and spring season.