Consistent with the spirit and letter of its Mission Statement, Our Haven Foundation (OHF) is “dedicated to revitalizing Downtown Schuylkill Haven through strong partnerships and community activism”. There is an urgent need to attract/retain willing and qualified volunteers to support OHF’s ongoing campaign – designed to effectively promote our Downtown and enhance the physical appearance of the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounding Schuylkill Haven community.

OHF’s accomplishments since its founding in 2010 include:

-Placement of benches and trash receptacles at various downtown locations.

-A landscape-enhanced municipal parking lot sign.

-Installation of “Hometown Hero” and “Welcome To Schuylkill Haven” Banners.

-Successful implementation of a Main Street Downtown Beautification Initiative featuring flower pots and seasonal decorations.

-Borough-Management authorized/professionally created murals at 2 downtown locations and Bubeck Park.

-A recently launched website to broadcast the good news about Schuylkill Haven and attract new businesses to our Downtown.

-Production/release of an OHF- sponsored Community Video.

-Installation of a Municipal Parking Lot-based 20-panel,  80 foot mural compilation honoring the history of many noteworthy community-based organizations/assets.

-Successfully planned for and executed a Schuylkill Haven Greenway Association approved/financed “Historical Marker” project.

To continue its forward progress, OHF needs volunteers to serve on 3 of its committees:

Promotion/Fundraising is responsible for effectively selling the image and promise of a thriving downtown. By effectively marketing the CBD’s unique characteristics through advertising, retail promotional activities, special events, and marketing campaigns – an effective promotional strategy projects a positive image for the benefit or shoppers, investors, new businesses, and visitors.

Design/Beautification translates to “getting the CBD into top physical shape” – to include: preserving assets such as historical buildings and revitalizing the CBD. An inviting atmosphere can be stimulated through eye-catching window displays, expanded parking space/sidewalks, street lights & landscaping.

Economic Development – this committee’s focus is on stimulating vitality in search of new or better purposes for CBD-located businesses and nonprofit organizations. A successful CBD converts unused/less-than-full capacity properties and sharpens the competitiveness of downtown businesses.

If interested in serving on one or more of the above OHF committees, please contact: David Norris, President of OHF: