One of the most beautiful places in Schuylkill Haven is the Bubeck Park! Bubeck Park is located on Washington Street and features the Stoyer’s Dam. There are multiple pavilions, a performance stage, and a walking path for anyone to enjoy. Many people love to visit the park because there are many benches, ducks, and swans to watch swim near the water. However, it is very important to note that it is okay to look at the ducks and swans, but it is never okay to touch, chase, or harm them. Swans in particular, can be aggressive animals when they feel threatened so giving them space and viewing for a far will allow you to feel comfortable around them as well as the swans. Sit on a bench, reserve a pavilion, and watch the ducks and swans swim by in the warm weather.

During this time, there are current swan eggs at the Bubeck park that are being taken care of, but the public is not allowed to touch or interfere with the eggs. The swans and the eggs that are currently in the park are specifically mute swans. Mute swans have a prominent black knob at the base of the orange bill. The juvenile swans may have a bill that is gray with a black base and may be colored white or brown. These particular swans hold their neck in a S shape curve and point their bill down. In the very beginning the eggs will be blue-green, but over time they will become more white. Fun Fact it takes about 34-41 days for a mute swan's egg to hatch! Plan a trip to see the swans at the Bubeck park!