There is good news for undergraduates looking to pursue their education in graduate school! Alvernia University at the Schuylkill Center is now offering the Master of Arts in Leadership graduate program. This graduate program is versatile and allows individuals pursuing this degree to have the foundation of leadership for any career they choose. In order to complete this graduate degree you need to complete a total of 30 credits with an advisor helping the student fulfill the program with the specific courses needed. If a student is looking to get a certificate for 12 credits they can do so by applying for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership. Either one of these will be excellent for a student to apply to for a resume builder as they enter the workforce!

The addition to this program will benefit the local businesses because it gives the students excellent resources to excel as a leader. The degree and certificate are beneficial to the student and community as we look for leaders in the workforce. For more specific information, visit Alvernia University and look under the programs tab to see the courses needed to complete the program. If you have any questions or concerns you can call or email the admissions office and they will be happy to help any interested student! Reach out today to start you graduate schooling at an excellent university.