Looking for something to do in Schuylkill Haven? Not sure where to look? Discover Schuylkill Haven.com makes it easy for local residents and visitors to find out what’s happening in area code17972 with SkooCal.com.

SkooCal, short for Schuylkill Calendar Is a free and easy to use service that showcases Schuylkill Haven Events and events throughout Schuylkill County. Learn about classes, art shows, concerts, fundraisers, and festivals. 

It is designed to connect with Facebook Events, So when planners add SkooCal as a cohost of their event, it will automatically appear on the SkooCal calendar. This is a free service sponsored by The Walk In Art Center, Explore Schuylkill, and Cotts, Inc. Digital Marketing.

So the next time you are looking for something fun to do, check out SkooCal.com.  We’ll look forward to seeing you in Schuylkill Haven! You’re always welcome here!